20 september 2007

José Mourinho lämnar Chelsea

Kvart i tre inatt offentliggjordes det att José Mourinho lämnar Chelsea. Enligt gemensamt beslut som den extremt kortfattade bullentinen säger. En enorm chock for oss fans. Ingen ytterligare förklaring har getts. Men alla fakta talar för att José redan vid sextiden lokal tid igår meddelade några av spelarna att han lämnar.

Att José skulle säga upp sig var inget någon av oss hade räknat med och vi kommer att sakna honom något oerhört.


Nedan är den artikel jag publicerar på Vital Chelsea idag om det som har hänt.

I am in shock


Tonight I woke up and could not get back to sleep. So I switched on the news and was hit by the horrible news that José Mourinho had left Chelsea.

Frantically I tried to get more news but as this news broke at 1.45 am British time (we are one hour ahead) it was not easy. Few had picked up the news and few still have when I am writing this. I am so sad, so shocked and taken by this that it feels just horrible. Almost like someone died.

As you all know I am one of the biggest admirers there is when it comes to José Mourinho. What he has done for the club is breathtaking. Is it marvelous. He made us into giants. He gave us two consecutive league titles, a home record of three years without a loss, cup titles etc. and he gave us a team with a spirit that never have been matched in our club and probably not in any other club.

Yes there has been the malcontent chirps through the press about the way we win and his personal style. Gossip and envious rantings, is what I have always put it down to. More worryingly have been the backroom occurences that started with Frank Arnesen being brought in. No manager can feel comfortable with having positions filled behind his back and JM indicadet so. Quite rightly in my opinion.

Roman Abramovich is a hands on owner. We knew that. We also know now that the tabloids spite and badmouthing of Chelsea obviously have gotten to him.

Still. I never thought José would leave. But today he obviously decided enough was enough. He needed and wanted more support from the club and obviously did not get it.

So he decided to resign. He first, true to his type let his dominant players know his plans around 6 pm last night. Then he went into a meeting and resigned. By mutual consent as the extremely short sentence on the official website finally declared. I don’t for a second believe he was fired, none of the facts support this. José left on his own accord because he did not feel the backing he was due and should have had from a better board and management.

I am in shock because I admired José so much and I had such hopes that he would be for Chelsea what sir Alex have been for Man U. That was not to be.

I am at loss for words but I still want to wish José the best luck possible wherever he now turns up. I doubt he will take on an English club, that don’t fit the image and opinion I have of the man. He would not do that to our fans however much speculation about Spurs that have already come up.

For the club it is nothing short of a catastrophy. I think every hope for this being a great season has to be modified. Not quelched as the team is still extremely strong, but I for one have lowered my expectations considerably in these few hours since the news struck me.  Not for Sunday as I think the team will play their hearts out, probably under Steve Clarke, for the governor as a going away gift.

I can not really perceive Chelsea withouth José Mourinho, but as in all important matters The king is dead, long live the king. We have to speculate in who will take over. The only top coach in the world that is unemployed right now is Fabio Capello. A coach very much in the similar manner as José but with less team buidling spirit abilities. But a winning coach, that do not work well with interfering owners. So that is hardly in the weather.

Personally I would like for a manager like Juande Ramos of Sevilla or Quique Sanchez of Valencia. Sanchez maybe have less flair and as the papers tell us that is what Roman wants now. Damn you Roman. You should have done everything in your power to keep José, this will take me a long long time to forgive you for. I doubt however that any club in the world are willing to let their managers leave for Chelsea. The season is well under way and this can end just anyway. Chelsea can fold like a house of cards, though I can not imagine that JT, Lamps and the others will let that happen. I think they love José as much as I do and want to make him proud of them, whoever takes over.

José will go to Cobham today to say his farewells to the players.

This is the worst news I could imagine and it came out of nowhere. I am so shocked, so sad that all I feel like doing right now is crying. I think José Mourinho is the best manager in the world and for him to leave my beloved club…

I loved everything about him, but especially the way he worked with the players. The only thing I never liked was his outspokenness about the officials. Though as at Saturday it sure was warranted. I miss José dearly and will never ever forget what he has done for the club in my heart. My heart is heavy and tears have been stinging in my eyes. A marriage I thought was made in heaven has unexpectedly and brutally been broken up and a relationship  that almost too good to be true is no longer.

That there is a game on Sunday, that just is football and I think we will win it. After that I have no idea what will happen. Good luck José. Hope I never see you in English football though. I do hope that the travellers to Old Trafford somehow show their support for José. I will in my own small way.

Still True Blue, but not a happy one right now.

As written after falling out of my armchair.


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