10 maj 2007

Looking forward

(följande text har tidigare publicerats på Vital Chelsea.)

Lindy takes the opportunity to forget the grief of the last week or so and look forward.

First of all we are looking forward to keeping our home record of no losses and extending it so we can wipe Cesspool out of the books for that too. It is fun, something to be proud of, three years without a loss and it will really annoy the scousers.

Secondly we can take care of the FA Cup and become the first team to win at the new Wembley as we were the last team to win at the old. And respect to the concession boycott all of you. José has not won the FA Cup so I do hope and trust the lads will give it to him.

Consolation prizes? Two cups won? Still more than just about any other club in Europé will accomplish this year. The England Golden Boot to Drogba (probably), a midfielder that scores 20 or more goals again. Not too bad, Not what we dreamed of, but whoever gets this close?

Then we will look forward to the next season And aim for that elusive quadruple no other club ever been as close to as we were.

Our players play up to 70 games a season now. That is quite a lot. And most of them play national games too. We must rotate more than we are doing, especially towards the end of the season. The is the plain truth after last week.

I believe the FA will introduce a "football vacation" of two weeks in January next season. Which is great as that is also the period of the African Cup. A tournament we will have 3 of the best 5 African players in (I believe), plus a couple more and all in teams that can go all the way.

So what will happen? The squad will be back to 24 senior players again. Which will mean recruitments. Even if we do not sell players. But who and where?

Goalies: Only change is that we will go down to three goalkeepers again. Hedman will go back into retirement as his back is not fit for a fight. Still we have the two best goalies in Premier League and Hilario who is a competent back-up.

Defence. Here things will happen. At least one class centre back has to be added, and I do not talk about Ben Haim. I talk about Alex from PSV Eindhoven. We could give them Boulahrouz as replacement. He is good but too slow and sorry to say, hence too clumsy for the tempo-filled English game. If Boula leaves. Alex will be our man and I think he will get the work permit now. We will also need a young coming man, I`d say Michael Manciennes from the Academy. He is versatile enough and have been seasoned at QPR.

Left backs. We have the two best in the country. I like Bridgey myself the best but rotating them as this year has proven very good. No problem what so ever there.

Right back. Big problem. Just about everyone has played there. None has made it their spot. Diarra was good for a while. Ferreira has again played well at the end. Glen Johnson is returning. Still, I believe this is where Chelsea will spend money. Daniel Alves is my favourite to come in. Though he will play a lot of games with the South American Championships coming up. But as said, we have back-ups there though not first rate.

We will need maybe one more versatile defender. I am doubtful if Geremi will stay at the club. Though he has proven himself as a very loyal player. It could be an advantage to get someone that knows the English game. Micah Richards would be ideal, but he will cost way too much - and I believe the free spending days are over.

Even if we will spend, but buying English is ridiculously expensive compared to buying international quality.

Midfield. Here we are well set. But if Roman would like to buy Kaka I for sure would not utter a word against it.

Woods is too young, he will not be included in the squad but might still play a game or two.

Ballack will have that pesky first season behind him.He wants to revenge this season. Lamps could get more rest. Essien can be played in his best position. Mikel has proven himself an awesome talent both offensively and in the Maka-position. Makelele will still be here. Diarra is a back-up that will take another step up. He needs a bit more character. Joe Cole with a season without injuries. He will show everyone. Shaun Wright-Philllips has fought hard and shows promise still.

If the group will be increased I think that José might consider buying a coming name, one with patience and a will to learn that still can contribute. That Murcia kid that has been mentioned might be that person.

Attack: Drogba developed so much this season at the mature age of 29. If he even develops a part of that again - whoaha. Sheva will be much better this year. His problem is the speed, but with speedy wingers he plays much better. I believe Sheva is a very good choice at 4-3-3, while Drog is better in 4-4-2. I know a lot of you knock him, I think it has been unfair and I have great confidence in him. Actually more now than before we bought him. He has character and the will to still prove the world who he is.

Kalou is only 21 and has had a real good first season. He has a lot to learn still about the José game, and a full pre-season will give him that. Will only improve as Ballack and Sheva, Mikel and probably even Essien will.

We could do with more options. But maybe these options should be our own Ben Sahar and Scott Sinclair. Sahar`s military dilemma is not solved yet otherwise he is first option. Scott could vey well be a close second.

I doubt Chelsea will go spending a lot of money in Summer. Bringing Alex in will not cost all that much, I think. So maybe the money will be spent on a right back. Maybe on an attacker. But it will not be Eto`o. That is just idiotic to get another African star. David Villa seems to be a player that would suit us, but the money is likely to be stupid. And even Chelsea has to start paying reasonable fees for players instead of allowing ourselves to be blackmailed by greedy clubs and managers. Maybe we should buy Berbatov, but in a way that is more fun as to spite the spuds than him being someone we need. Sidwell in the midfield. Sure, as he comes for free - but honestly he will only be back-up.

That José, Terry and Lamps will stay is something I take for granted. I have never doubted that whatever the English tabloids write. Steve Clarke will stay too.

Next season will be a very exciting season. And I believe we will take back the Premiership and still go for the CL. (Just see who are in the final, none are even close to win their own league…Something that takes a big chunk of value from the "Champions" League.) Maybe we should play kids in the national cups, just to show off a bit. I thought Cesspool would be the contenders this season. I will not make that mistake again. The four top clubs will be the same next year as this though. But with Arsenal before Cesspool. So if Platini gets his wish, no more CL for Cesspool.


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